Alabama is an atmosphere so stimulating that diverse filmmakers find it hard to resist being captivated by its charms. It is a state which has forever nurtured giants of literature, music, art and theater.

Alabama is a stunning contrast of environments - the most biologically diverse place in America outside of California. The past still lives in Alabama's cities and towns, while space-age technology and modern industry flourish.

With legendary southern hospitality, Alabama has catered to everything from small, independent shorts to massive Hollywood film productions.
Let us demonstrate to you the countless advantages of filming in Alabama. Contact the Alabama Film Office today.

Mission Statement

To increase economic opportunities by building and promoting film and the related media industries in the State of Alabama. This includes recommending policies and legislation, implementing and participating in programs and projects, and actively representing Alabama’s natural assets and film industry infrastructure.


Film Registration Form

The Alabama Film Office requires a Film Registration form be completed by all Productions or Projects