What services does the Alabama Film Office provide to the film industry?

The Alabama Film Office acts as a resource for both out-of-state filmmakers and our indigenous film production companies. We can serve as a clearinghouse with location information with our photographic files. Our location coordinator can assist with specific photos from our photographic library.

Does Alabama offer any incentives to filmmakers?
Yes click here or call the Alabama Film Office for more information 334.242.4195

Does Alabama have any sound stages?
Alabama has several sound stages that are available through production companies.

Production Companies

In addition, there are existing buildings across the state which may be used as sound stages. For further information please call the Alabama Film Office.

How can I get a copy of the Alabama Production Directory?
Alabama’s Production Directory is on the website.
Click here to Production Directory (Production Staff and Crew search)

How can I be listed in the Production Directory and or Website?
Click here to register on-line to be listed with the Alabama Film Office if you have any questions please Contact Brenda Hobbie at 334.242.4195

Permits/Legal Requirements

What are Alabama’s Child Labor laws?
§25-8-60. Child Actors and Performers

Time and hour restrictions shall not be imposed upon, and no work permits shall be required for persons under 18 years of age who are employed as actors and performers. Persons may be employed and appear for the purpose of singing, acting, or performing in any studio or movie set of a motion picture approved and coordinated by the Alabama Film Office in conjunction with and under the jurisdiction and supervision of the department. A person under 18 years of age may be employed as provided in this section only under the following conditions and with the written consent of the Alabama Film Office, the department and the parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult of the person:  http://www.alalabor.state.al.us


The activities enumerated shall not be detrimental to the life, health, safety, welfare, or morals of the person.

The activities enumerated shall not interfere with the schooling of the person and provisions shall be made for education equivalent to full-time school attendance in the public schools for persons under 16 years of age.

A parent, guardian, or a responsible adult so designated by the parent or guardian, shall accompany each person under 16 years of age at all
rehearsals, appearances, and performances.

  Do I need a permit to film in Alabama?
Permits are not required for filming in Alabama, however the Alabama Film Office needs your production company to send our office your certificate of insurance prior to filming, and we need to discuss child labor laws if you are using minors in the production. Rarely, some cities might require a business license.


How do I get in the movies?
Send a head shot and resume to casting directors and talent agencies.

Search for Casting/Assistant Casting
Search for Talent and Modeling Agencies

What’s the weather like in Alabama?

Alabama has a very moderate climate that allows for a 365 day shooting schedule.

Average Monthly High and Low Temperatures
Average Rainfall

What types of locations does Alabama offer?
With 13 physiographic regions Alabama can offer filmmakers a wide variety of spectacular location possibilities which are in relative close proximity to one another. For more location inquires please call the Alabama Film Office.